Since 1996 Symmetree Consulting Group principals Ken Zielke, RFP and Bryce Bancroft, RPBio, have earned a record of excellence and a reputation for innovation. They have worked in regions spanning the Coastal BC rainforests, the BC Coast / Interior transition zone, the highly diverse Southern BC Interior, the Central BC Interior, the Northern Boreal forests, the USA (Idaho), Australia (Tasmania) and the Philippines.

Ken and Bryce have over twenty years of experience in forest management, training and extension, with over forty combined years in consulting. With their depth of knowledge and experience Symmetree embraces challenging resource management questions and designs effective solutions that are grounded in current biological thinking and local operational realities.

Symmetree led the approach to vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies for climate change in BC with their ground-breaking work the Kamloops Future Forest Strategy (released in 2009).  Currently Ken and Bryce are working with a team of ecosystem process modelers from the University of British Columbia to test sensitivities and adaptation options that emerged from the Kamloops Strategy.


British Columbia Ministry of Environment

The BC Ministry of Environment is tasked to foster and enhance a clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment. In 2009, the Environmental Stewardship and Parks and Protected Areas Divisions of the BC Ministry of Environment distributed Common Statements of Understanding and Working Principles related to climate change adaptation. These principles should be taken into consideration in all future projects and planning. The Ministry recognizes that it must prepare for and adapt to the unavoidable impacts rising greenhouse gas concentrations will cause throughout the Province.