Laura Hilberg

Lead Scientist

As a member of the EcoAdapt team, Laura supports the Awareness to Action and State of Adaptation programs, working at the interface of scientific research on climate and natural resource management decision-making. She takes a special interest in translating technical concepts into materials that can be easily understood by any target audience, and hopes to engage others in a conversation about climate change by connecting the issue with each community’s identity, beliefs, and values. Her education and work experience have been focused on the natural and anthropogenic factors (including climate change) that impact terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, particularly in the northeastern and western regions of the U.S.

Prior to joining EcoAdapt in 2015, Laura was part of a team developing the Massachusetts Climate Action Tool, which provides access to information about climate impacts, fish and wildlife vulnerability, and adaptation strategies and actions on a spatial scale that will be relevant to local policymakers, conservation organizations, state and municipal agencies, and landowners. She also assisted the Northeast Climate Science Center with the development of a report on regional climate change information to assist states in the Northeast and Midwest with updating their State Wildlife Action Plans in 2015. In addition to climate change, Laura has a background in sustainable agriculture and local food systems, and loves learning about anything related to birds. She received her undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College, and a Master’s in Conservation Biology from Antioch University New England. Laura lives in western Massachusetts, and spends her free time playing toddler games, birding, gardening, reading, and singing classical music in a community choir.



EcoAdapt is at the center of climate change adaptation innovation. We provide support, training, and assistance to make conservation and management less vulnerable and more Climate Savvy. Over the past 200 years, great strides have been made in the world of conservation and now all of that is at risk because of climate change. EcoAdapt is working to ensure the success of these past efforts by delivering a framework for climate adaptation.