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Margaret Herzog

Sustainability, Social Network Analysis, Digital Transformation and Engineering Services

Dr. Margaret T. Herzog is a professional engineer (PE), project management professional (PMP), and PhD in water resources planning and management and environmental engineering.  Her research focuses on developing decision support systems (DSS), monitoring thresholds, and weaving social networks to support interjurisdictional, integrated water resources management (IWRM) through an adaptive, co-management framework (Dissertation Link:

Currently, Dr. Herzog is active in local and state climate actions and watershed restoration activities as a continuation of her dissertation research, which included development of Watershed Online ( to manage projects, partners, monitoring data, plans and thresholds towards action-oriented, learning-by-doing, incremental, ongoing resiliency efforts and Social Network Analysis Workshop ( to assist Climate, Water, and Natural Resources Professionals more systematically build social structures that compliment online support systems by fostering cross-sector and multi-discipline alliances to leverage knowledge and resources.  She works to support Mountain Living in the Anthropocene contend with increasing wildfire and water supply / quality risks as a follow on to IH GW WQ Study and related research and engineering support services.

Until 2018, Dr. Herzog developed and managed the Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Climate Resilience Program (TCRP) website ( and coordinated development of content, tools, and cases for the Tribal Nations topic of the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit (  Dr. Herzog assisted tribes to select appropriate climate data (facilitating Tribal Nations Theme in the Climate Data Initiative: to develop climate adaptation plans and vulnerability assessments in close coordination with other federal agencies, including EPA, USDA Climate Hubs, NRCS & USFS (USDA), DOE, BIE, IHS, NOAA, NASA, DOT, FEMA, USACE, HUD, and other agencies.  Emphasis included helping tribes leverage DOI Climate Science Centers ( and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives ( to build regional support networks.  She also assisted tribes to become involved in other climate networks such as ACCO ( EcoAdapt CAKE Community (, citizen science initiatives (, and educational programs ( - to build capacity for improved climate resilience.  Finally, Dr. Herzog sought to inform academic and federal partners in ways to appropriately support tribes with particular emphasis on protecting traditional knowledges using the Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives ( and related resources that she had developed into Tribes & Climate resource dashboards by agency, region, and Tribe as lead for the White House Council on Native American Affairs Tribal Climate Resilience Resource Guide ( - tool overview with training links at: