Nancy Schneider


Nancy Schneider is an adaptation consultant, experienced in developing solutions for business and local government.  She is a knowledge broker, leveraging a rare blend of public and private sector knowledge and skills in developing frameworks and strategies, reporting, communications, implementation, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement.  She is a contract consultant to Catalysis Adapation Partners, EarthPeople LLC and the Florida Public Health Institute.


Check out her recent blog in the Community section: Rising Up to Prepare for Sea Level Rise


Catalysis Adaptation Partners, LLC, is a consulting firm of senior experts with extensive experience in planning for sea level rise, coastal hazards and extreme weather events. Our partners are economists, scientists, planners and engineers. We provide an array of climate and coastal hazard adaptation-related services, including: vulnerability assessments,inundation mapping and visualization, economic impact evaluation, adaptation strategy development and implementation, planning process analysis,policy revision assistance,and consensus building support.