Rachel M. Gregg

Senior Scientist, CAKE Content Editor

Rachel created and manages EcoAdapt's State of Adaptation Program and serves as the Content Editor for the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE); her primary responsibilities include finding and developing examples of climate adaptation, building a network of individuals and organizations engaged or interested in adaptation, developing guidance to support decision making and management in a changing climate, and conducting outreach to advance the field. In addition, she provides support to the Awareness to Action and Adaptation Consultation programs.

Rachel is an environmental specialist with experience in the application of natural and social science, policy, and outreach. She has a background in marine biology and ecology, oceanography, and natural, marine, and coastal resources law, policy, and management. Her education and work experiences have been primarily focused on marine and coastal resources management strategies for natural and human influences, including water quality degradation, coastal hazards, and climate change.

Prior to joining EcoAdapt in May 2009, Rachel worked with Washington Sea Grant, the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee, the National Park Service, and MASSPIRG. Her previous work includes examining nearshore processes and functions in Washington State and co-writing a guidance document to assist coastal counties in implementing shoreline management policies. In addition, she has also investigated the environmental implications and economic viability of the marine and coastal recreation and tourism industry in the outer counties of Washington State, the status of coastal water resources in Olympic National Park and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, projected and actual threats to the marine and coastal environment of the San Juan Archipelago, and the water quality testing standards at public beaches throughout Massachusetts. Rachel earned her undergraduate degree from Smith College in Government and Marine Science, and a Master’s in interdisciplinary marine science and policy from the University of Washington.


EcoAdapt is at the center of climate change adaptation innovation. We provide support, training, and assistance to make conservation and management less vulnerable and more Climate Savvy. Over the past 200 years, great strides have been made in the world of conservation and now all of that is at risk because of climate change. EcoAdapt is working to ensure the success of these past efforts by delivering a framework for climate adaptation.