Tyler Ferdinand

Research Associate

Tyler Ferdinand is a Research Associate for the Climate Resilience Practice at the World Resources Institute. He investigates the limits of adaptation, where systems are threatened by collapse unless radical action is taken. He focuses on adaptation of agricultural systems and is actively working with the Global Commission on Adaptation to understand the current role and future potential of climate-informed digital advisory services. He is particularly interested in adaptive novel agricultural value chains in marginal environments, the role of geographic indicators for adaptive purposes and how to leverage social media for adaptive behavioral shifts in food consumption in metropolitan communities. 

Tyler previously work with the Building Resilience Against Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) to understand how the consortium was tackling gender and equity in their interventions. He also worked for a Panamanian law NGO, helping to provide evidence to inform legislation around municipal waste systems and mangrove protection. He has consistently been involved in the natural wine space and was previously a free range, heritage pig farmer in Tuscany. 

Tyler has a masters in Climate Change Science, Policy and Environment from King’s College London and a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environmental Studies from McGill University. He has also completed environmental law courses from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


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