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I am committed to developing a career as a Climate Change Adaptation expert for the next few decades. I have a Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Management from the University of Waterloo (Canada). I will complete a Diploma in Emergency & Security Management (Justice Institute of BC, Canada) & a Certificate of Climate Change Policy & Practice (University of Toronto) by December 2019. I also will finish a Post-grad Certificate in Climate Change Policy from Yukon College by April 2020. I have a B.A., double major in Communications (Media) & French, plus a Masters related to Cross-Cultural Studies. I have experience as a communicator live & on social media and as a storyteller, with many years’ experience in instructing & coaching. I speak English, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese & basics of several other languages. Although Norwegian-Canadian, I am very multicultural person. I have lived and worked in Beijing, China for 6 years and experienced what it is like to survive and thrive in a foreign culture. I also have a keen interest in aboriginal peoples locally and worldwide and a deep passion for social justice.