Yvette Wiley

Director, Office of Environmental Services

Currently, I work for a small tribe in Oklahoma as the director of the environmental department. I have 17 years experience working in the environmental field, primarily, with water quality. In those years, I've worked on stream monitoring, wetland assessments, habitat assessments and many other duties. I have a B.S. in biology and completed an M.S. in Environmental Science in 2016. My research was on using the California Rapid Assessment Method for Level 2 wetland assessments on rivering wetlands located on tribal land in East-Central Oklahoma. After 13 years working for my own tribe, the Muscogee Creek Nation, I accepted a position for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Incorporating climate change work into my job is something I've always tried to do. It wasn't well received at my last job, but with my current position we are commissioned to develop a climate change adaptation plan. Bringing a tribal perspective to the climate change discussion, planning and preparation has always been on my radar. 

My interests beyond streams and wetlands is protection of wildlife and their habitat. I am a strong advocate for wildlife. This goes beyond the paradigm that has primarily involved management via hunting. I hope to live long enough to see and be a part of a change in the philosophy on which the foundation of hunting was used to 'manage' wildlife.

I live in Tulsa, OK with a house full of cats and one aging pitbull. My most important job right now is being caretaker of my elderly mom, who has lived with me since 2010. The dog and the cats keep both of us in line with what is right in this world.