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2018 Ontario Climate Symposium

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In Person
Thursday, October 11, 2018 to Friday, October 12, 2018

2018 Ontario Climate Symposium hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) - October 11th and 12th

The Ontario Climate Consortium (OCC) and Ontario College of Art and Design are pleased to host the 6th Ontario Climate Symposium. This year’s Symposium aims to generate important discussions surrounding the role that art and design can play in developing adaptive, low carbon cities. By exploring how ecology meets tactical urbanism, the Symposium will showcase real-life examples of how technology, policy, green infrastructure and strategic design can come together to transform cities.

We wish to encourage the development of positive, innovative, interdisciplinary visions that foster a transformative cultural shift toward low carbon communities, sustainable adaptation and the adoption of green infrastructure and design in urban cities. We hope such visions will bring to life and highlight the interconnection of urban planning and development, urban ecology, landscape design, art and culture, land use policy, public health, climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

Within the overarching themes described above, we will be organizing the program around a set of sub-themes, including:

  • Urban Planning for a Healthy Community (e.g. affordable housing, marginal communities, accessible urban spaces);

  • Re-imagining Development (e.g. re-naturalization, novel ecosystems, civic ecology, tactical urbanism, gentrification);

  • Collective Visioning of Transformational Futures: how we challenge existing paradigms (e.g. informing existing paradigms / regimes / frameworks)

  • Creating a Culture of Sustainable, Transformative Design (e.g. social enterprise, social justice, environmental racism, environmental inequality);

  • Indigenous Perspectives and Worldviews on Sustainable Futures; and 

  • Creating Progressive Policy that Challenges a Changing Climate. 

The Ontario Climate Symposium is an interdisciplinary event. As such, we welcome a variety of innovative and multidisciplinary research proposals and visions. However, non-traditional styles of research/concept presentations will be prioritized. These include, but are not limited to, exhibitions or installations, short films and documentary screenings, themed sessions/panels, art and digital media, workshops/interactive sessions, posters, presentations, and tour ideas that express or examine the Symposium theme(s) described above.

Call for Proposals