2021 Virtual Local Solutions: Climate Preparedness Communities of Practice

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AUNE, in partnership with NOAA and the Island Institute present the: 2021 Virtual Local Solutions: Climate Preparedness Communities of Practice

This community of practice will occur over video conferencing to ensure participant safety during the current health pandemic.

This is an unprecedented time, and we are all trying to navigate it. Crisis usually brings us together to forge a path forward, but these times are different. We are working in isolation, figuring out a way to build new relationships and communities in a context of inequity, climate impacts and a public health crisis. We need your voice included in the way forward out of this chaos. It is imperative you join this conversation to ensure we have an equitable and climate resilient roadmap for the future of our region.

This facilitated community of practice (FCoP) will kick-off on March 16th 2021 with our Keynote Speaker, Victoria Hermann. The FCoP will continue meeting 1-2 times a week until the final convening on May 6, 2021. Participants are expected to attend all meetings associated with one of the four possible topics they sign up for. Participants will explore how to ensure the following community topics are equitable and climate resilient: Affordable and Accessible Housing, Sustainable Transportation and Mobility, Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy People, and Strong Local Economy and Green Workforce Development.

Participants who attend can expect to:

  • Create a roadmap for policy and decision makers to implement equitable climate resilience throughout the New England region in a collaborative and coordinated strategic approach;
  • Develop mastery of integrating equity into all resilience/adaptation/mitigation concepts;
  • Identify clear next steps for regional and local resilience planning/implementation;
  • Engage in peer-to-peer learning and networking;
  • Establish a regional network of practitioners with a focus on pursuing adaptation and resilience strategies;
  • Develop a vision among the participants for how the community of practice can be continued.

Everyone at the table will have access to exceptional speakers and workshop leaders that they’ve come to expect, only this time content is adapted to our new FCOP format. This format will be intentionally designed to empower participants with a regional roadmap that will guide actionable steps that center equity in local and regional climate decision making.

The format will begin with a large group keynote on climate migration in the northeast, followed by several modules within designated sub-topics. These groups will meet over the course of several weeks and then reconvene as a full group to share findings and participate in a panel discussion on financing. If health official guidance allows, an in-person networking reception will occur in Portland Maine in May 2021.

Every participants is expected to be attend the following meetings for the FCOP.

  • March 16, 18, 23, 25, and 30, 2021
  • April 6, 8 and 21
  • May 6

Each meeting will begin at 12 PM EST and end by 1:30 PM EST

Apply Now to Be Part of the Roadmap for Climate Resilience in New England! Limited spots are available. No applications will be accepted after 1/31.