Addressing Research Gaps at the Intersection of Climate Change, Health, and Equity

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Join the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) for a discussion about research gaps and interventions to mitigate climate change's impacts on health.

This NAM workshop builds on past scoping efforts to engage participants in discussion about research gaps and highlight effective interventions to adapt to and mitigate climate’s impact on health and equity in communities. Registration is open.

Panelists from various research fields will share their work addressing research gaps on the impacts of climate change on health (e.g., heat, air pollution, mental health, maternal/reproductive health, health of older adults, food insecurity, climate migration), and communicating why their work is important to fill these gaps and informing what is needed for implementation at the clinical level, community/local level, etc.; and communicating what additional research is needed.


  • Collaboratively identify, discuss, and prioritize research gaps in understanding the complex interactions between climate change, health outcomes, and equity considerations. 
  • Discuss and share methodologies for conducting interdisciplinary research at the nexus of climate change, health, and equity, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches. 
  • Identify and amplify evidence-based interventions to address climate-related inequities and those interventions focused on promoting health equity. 
  • Contribute to drafting a research agenda and supporting portal that outlines methodologies for addressing gaps, establishes key research questions