Climate Change Adaptation in the Detroit Region’s Urban Forest

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January 26-27, 10:00a-12p ET


As our climate shifts, urban foresters, parks managers, and others who care for green spaces are beginning to focus their experience and creativity on ways to successfully respond to those changes. This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Learn more about current and anticipated effects of climate change on Detroit’s developed and natural green spaces, with an emphasis on trees and forests.
  • Understand concepts of climate change vulnerability and adaptation and how to apply these concepts to their work.
  • Share tools and approaches for incorporating climate change into managing Detroit’s natural and developed green spaces.


February 2-3, 10:00a-12p ET


This is an active, hands-on training for a limited number of participants. This training is designed to assist urban forest and parks managers in incorporating climate change considerations and identifying actions for adaptation into their own real-world projects. Participants are asked to sign up individually or as a team with a specific project in mind.