Climate Disinformation: Why we’re vulnerable, how we can protect ourselves and others, and actions we can take now

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In the past five years, the threat posed by the spread of disinformation on a range of contentious political issues has become undeniable, but the challenge posed by climate-related disinformation is a decades long concern. This presentation, based on recent analysis by CNA, will focus on four key issues.

  • The first part of this presentation will overview the scope and implications of the challenge posed by climate-related disinformation.
  • The second part of the presentation will focus on the psychology of what makes us vulnerable to MDM.
  • The third part of this presentation will outline four mechanisms that researchers have identified for protecting people from the influence of disinformation.
  • And we will conclude with some best practices for those hoping to take action now.

Dr. Megan K McBride is a Research Scientist at CNA (a DC-area, non-partisan, non-profit research and analysis organization). Her areas of expertise include extremism, terrorism, radicalization, ideological violence, and disinformation. Her recent work has focused on psychosocial risk factors for radicalization to violent extremism; vulnerability and resilience to mis-/dis-/mal-information; and evaluating the efficacy of P/CVE and reintegration programming.