Climate Migration Workshop: Preparing Receiving Communities

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What: Virtual Workshop

Date: December 7 & 8 at 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Cost: Free

Description: We know climate migration will intensify as climate impacts worsen. But who will migrate? Where will those migrants go? And how will that migration affect people and livelihoods in both leaving communities and receiving communities? Join American Society of Adaptation Professionals and our collaborators to explore findings on these questions and consider how those findings can help receiving communities plan for socially just and environmentally responsible growth.

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • See presentations from climate and demography experts about methodologies for predicting climate migration
  • Hear perspectives and needs of stakeholders and rightsholders in potential climate-receiving communities in the Great Lakes region
  • Participate in thought-provoking discussions that center environmental justice and affected communities in climate in-migration planning
  • Have conversations with experts, peers, and potential collaborators that help you consider how to integrate climate migration into decision making

Questions? Contact Susan S. Ekoh at