Climate Solutions Intensive by Climate Interactive

Event Type: In Person
Start Date:
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Location: Menlo Park, CA

Climate Interactive is offering a two-day Climate Solutions Intensive course to explore climate solutions and impacts, illuminate systems structures driving climate trends, and equip you to use climate simulations for risk analysis and strategy. Through this course, you will emerge with a path forward that untangles the policy confusion, jargon, and competing claims of technological priorities surrounding climate action using En-ROADS—a widely-used global simulator Climate Interactive co-developed with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. 

The Climate Solutions Intensive will be led by Andrew Jones, an expert in global climate strategy, the leader of the team that developed En-ROADS, and the Executive Director of Climate Interactive. Under his guidance, you will be able to ground yourself in the best available science of climate solutions and explore climate and equity challenges from the cutting-edge tool that has informed hundreds of thousands in business, government, and civil society.

This course is ideal for you if you want to:

  • Gain insight into the global climate and equity challenge and what can be done about it.
  • Use data-driven approaches and tools grounded in the best available science to understand climate solutions and priorities.
  • Improve your understanding of the dynamics of energy demand, carbon emissions and removals, and land use to inform strategy and transition risk analysis in your work.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Clarity on high-leverage actions you or your team can take to address climate change and equity challenges.
  • Hands-on, real-time experimentation with a cutting-edge simulator under the expert guidance of a leader in the climate space.
  • New skills to engage top decision-makers to significantly increase their commitment to climate action.
  • A completion certificate to show your newly acquired skills.
  • New connections to broaden your network within the climate space.

The Climate Solutions Intensive will be held at the Park James Hotel in Menlo Park, CA from May 17-18, 2024. Our sessions will run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, and lunch and snacks will be provided. Hotel reservations at the Park James Hotel will be available at a discounted rate for Climate Solutions Intensive attendees. Take advantage of our early bird pricing available until March 25, 2024.

The Climate Solutions Intensive will cover:

  • Module 1: Climate Solutions and Impacts
  • Module 2: Systems Structures Driving Climate Trends
  • Module 3: Using Climate Models for Risk Analysis and Strategy

Andrew Jones is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Climate Interactive and a Research Affiliate at MIT Sloan. He is an expert on international climate and energy policy, a system dynamics modeler, a speaker, and a creator of policy simulations.