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Community-Based Adaptation to Climate: Local solutions inspiring global action

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In Person
Monday, April 1, 2019 to Thursday, April 4, 2019
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

CBA13 will bring together practitioners, grassroots representatives, local and national government planners, policymakers and donors working at all levels and scales to discuss how we can drive ambition for a climate-resilient future. 

CBA13 offers an innovative and interactive space, enabling the CBA network to promote climate action through:

  • Inclusive, gender-transformative and meaningful engagement 
  • Sharing and collaborating around good practice and challenging assumptions 
  • Drawing on evidence to inform the scalability of effective approaches
  • Influencing and shaping decision making processes.

The conference will have three key themes:

  • Climate finance: what are the mechanisms and enabling environments needed for climate finance to flow at scale to support effective adaptation? 
  • Adaptation technology: how can long-term and existing, as well as the wave of new and emerging, technologies and practices be harnessed to build resilience?
  • Policy engagement: how can the wealth of learning generated through widespread experiences of local climate action best inform the policies of the most vulnerable countries?

There will be a combination of parallel and plenary sessions, including: 

  • Marketplace sessions 

  • Skill share sessions 

  • Open space sessions for 'Burning issues' and 'Big ideas'

  • Thematic sessions  

  • Dragons' den 

During the registration process you will be given the opportunity to contribute to the design of these sessions.

To find out more about the conference and to follow developments of the programme go to the CBA13 To sign up for all updates please go to: