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Prepared for Environmental Change Webinar: Lessons from North Carolina: Flood Hazards from Animal Agriculture and Coal Facilities

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

12 PM ET

In fall 2018, Hurricane Florence caused 8 trillion gallons of rain to fall in North Carolina. The flooding devastated homes, businesses, infrastructure, and more—as the unprecedented amount of water fell, animal agriculture and coal ash pond waste spread across the state’s landscape. As extreme precipitation and flooding events become more frequent and intense, previously contained hazards like waste ponds have the potential to become environmental and public health catastrophes for communities. North Carolina is not alone in navigating what can be done to address these hazards—rural communities across the country will need to prepare. Join us and the Southern Environmental Law Center to learn about North Carolina’s post-Florence experience, how flooding can impact local communities, and the risks associated with animal agriculture and coal facilities.