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SF Hazards & Climate Resilience: Businesses + Commercial Properties

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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San Francisco, CA


The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) is hosting five workshops with key stakeholders to inform the strategies and implementation of the updated San Francisco’s Hazards and Climate Resilience (HCR) Plan. The HCR Plan presents how community members and San Francisco neighorhoods will be impacted by specific hazards and identifies how CCSF will prepare for and should respond to natural hazards (including earthquake, fire, extreme heat, and flooding) when they occur.

You are invited to participate in a meeting with representatives of businesses and commercial properties located in CCSF to provide feedback on HCR strategies and implementation. This is also an opportunity to build relationships with CCSF agencies and other businesses to share information and coordinate efforts to strengthen the resilience of our community.

During this interactive two hour workshop, you will:

  • Learn about hazard issues (including earthquakes, flooding, and extreme heat events) and their impacts on the City & County of San Francisco, as well as existing and planned work to increase resilience.

  • Share your experience with hazard events to inform how the government agencies and community groups can improve responses to hazards.

  • Provide feedback on draft Hazards & Climate Resilience Plan strategies and how they could be implemented in partnership with residential property owners and managers as well as with other housing stakeholders.


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