Smart Infrastructure to Ensure Water Security Against Climatic Change

Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Washington, DC

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on climate change states that it is costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars each year; more than $350 billion over the last decade – not including the additional $206.6 billion costs due to the 2017 hurricane season. As devastating extreme weather events become more frequent in the coming decades, the costs are expected to rise and these events will create regional socioeconomic and ecological pressures and instabilities. Smart infrastructure will be needed to enable human adaption and resiliency at economies of scale against climatic changes. 

This IBM Analytics Solution Center (ASC) event will have a series of panel discussions with speakers from FEMA, DoD, NOAA, Financial, IT, environmental, and infrastructure organizations. The panelists will discuss how public/private companies can form partnerships that work closely together in innovative ways and leverage technologies (e.g. Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud, and Cognitive) to develop smart infrastructure that solves complex problems of climate change, population growth, and human / economic activity impacts on regional socioeconomics and ecosystems. 

The first panel discussion “situational awareness and emergency response” will discuss applied science research and technologies to understand current and future climate change, population growth, and human activity events; their drivers, impacts, and risks on regional economies, social well-being, urban cities, and ecosystems. The panelist will discuss how this information can be used by solutions such as IBM’s Intelligence Operation Center (IOC) for viewing a common operating picture, what-if consequence analysis, and optimized response to climate change/disaster events. 

The second panel discussion “building resilient and adaptive infrastructure solutions” will discuss sustainable public/private partnerships (PPP) funding and technologies that can provide smart critical water infrastructure systems for disaster resilience, and planning and response capabilities for creating resilient ecosystem and protecting water security.