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Tribal Emergency Management in the Face of Climate Change

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Thursday, March 7, 2019


This webinar is an installment of the Topics in Climate Change Adaptation Planning webinar series hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) Climate Change Program.
In recent times, the northern part of the U.S. experienced extreme minus zero-degree weather, wildfires and flooding have plagued the West, the Central U.S. has been in a drought, and hurricanes have damaged our eastern coastlines. These are all extreme events that have or may directly and indirectly affect tribal communities and resources. How many of our tribal communities feel they have the capacity to respond to such extreme events? Do you know if your program has access to the available tools to address and develop a tribal emergency management plan especially in the face of climate change?
If you answered ‘no’, ‘maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’, join this webinar to hear from three experts who can share guidance, experience, and technical know-how when it comes to tribal emergency management. Topics include: learning about tools and resources to develop a tribal emergency management plan, financial assistance resources to build capacity, ways to strengthen partnerships with state and federal emergency management teams, and hear a summary of a report that presents a culture-based approach to the preparedness goals laid out in FEMA’s new Strategic Plan for 2018-2022, “Building a Culture of Preparedness.”

Lynda Zambrano: Executive Director, National Tribal Emergency Management Council

Dr. Theresa Gregor: Executive Board of Directors Liaison, Inter Tribal Long-Term Recovery Foundation and Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies, California State University Long Beach

Dr. Julie Maldonado: Associate Director, Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network,  and Education and Training co-coordinator, Culture and Disaster Action Network