Tribal Health & Adaptation Peer-Learning Roundtable - Sept

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Topic: Tribal Health & Adaptation Peer-Learning Roundtable - Sept

This webinar series consists of 12, monthly, 2-hour, live (and recorded) webinars, which will further advance the knowledge, skills, and networks of Tribes that have already begun to adapt to climate change. The trainings will include step-by-step instruction including emerging scientific findings), tools, and templates on advanced health adaptation topics, but will largely feature interactive discussions among participants and guest speakers.

Participants will be invited to contribute to live conversations as well as to “wisdom wells,” designed in online sharing platforms (e.g. Mural) to easily share and curate peer knowledge, advice, lessons learned, tips, templates, and resources on specific training topics. The wisdom wells will be made accessible to tribal practitioners nationally at all stages in the adaptation planning process to help them avoid pitfalls and apply lessons learned to prepare more actionable health adaptation plans from the start.