Twitter Chat: Co-Benefits of Integrating Biodiversity Conservation and Adaptation

Thursday, October 12, 2017
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10:00AM to 11:00AM EDT

Integrating biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation approaches can be instrumental in helping people, places, and wildlife become more resilient to climate change. Such approaches can improve food and water security, help protect against extreme weather event impacts, secure livelihoods, safeguard critical ecosystems and habitats, and offer co-benefits such as carbon sequestration.
Join Climatelinks and World Wildlife Fund on Thursday, October 12 to explore the benefits of integrating biodiversity conservation and adaptation. We’ll highlight a project that is helping mountain communities in the snow leopard range in Asia coexist with the big cats, prepare for a resilient future, and continue local stewardship of the environment. Discussion questions will include: 

  • What are the benefits of integrating conservation and adaptation efforts?
  • What kinds of integrated interventions have organizations and communities conducted to protect and restore biodiversity and to increase community climate resilience?
  • What solutions exist specifically around water and natural resource management, livelihood diversification, climate-smart agriculture, and eco-tourism?

The Twitter chat will be guided by a series of questions, and we strongly encourage participants to share lessons learned and best practices for integrating biodiversity conservation and adaptation, pose questions to one another and identify opportunities for collaboration.
Climate change, biodiversity, conservation and development practitioners and academics, and the broader community interested in the topic.
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To join the Twitter chat, follow #ConservationAdaptation on Twitter from 10am to 11am EDT on October 12. The chat questions will be tweeted out from @Climatelinks. Check out our Twitter Chat Best Practices document to learn more about how to participate.