Understanding Minnesota’s Changing Climate

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 12pm to 1:00pm CST

Minnesota’s climate has begun changing rapidly in the past few decades, but what has and what has not changed may surprise you. Some of our most obvious and critical changes defy intuition, differ from many of the frequently-cited changes reported around the world, and are undocumented or scarcely documented by formal science. As a result, many people with good intentions—including decision makers—have misunderstood where our climate is now and where it is going. Moreover, Minnesota’s communities, resource managers, and units of government are making plans that require climatic information that is often beyond the frontiers of science. This discussion will focus on recent efforts to provide Minnesota with a consistent baseline of climatic information that combines the best available science with analyses of high-quality data, and helps people understand how common Minnesota weather hazards are (or are not) responding to global climate change.

Speaker: Kenny Blumenfeld, MN State Climatology Office
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