Vulnerability Reduction Credits Basics Online Tutorial

Thursday, December 14, 2017
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The Higher Ground Foundation has developed a draft framework for qualifying adaptation projects to earn “Vulnerability Reduction Credits” (VRCs™). The Framework has undergone a thorough experts review, and includes first-order standards for methodology formulation, project requirements, and project document validation and monitoring report verification.  

VRCs are a means for communities to protect themselves through a credit mechanism that quantifiably represents the results of good climate adaptation projects and practices, and may be instrumental in stimulating much needed investment for climate resilience.

The purpose of this tutorial is to offer existing and potential stakeholders in VRC generating projects with an opportunity to learn more about VRCs, the Standard Framework, and how projects may be registered by Higher Ground Foundation to earn VRCs.  Following 45 minutes of instruction, the trainers will be available online to field questions and discuss how the VRC may be applied to different projects for different reasons. 

The training will take place on Thursday, 14 December at 13:00 GMT. Attendance will be limited in order to ensure the tutorial is interactive.