WEBINAR - Successful Adaptation Indicators & Metrics Project: From Pilots to System-wide Benefit

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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In the face of escalating impacts from climate change, the question of adaptation success is a practical and moral imperative. But, how do we know whether adaptation to climate variability and change in the coastal zone is actually occurring, and whether the adaptive actions taken are good, useful, and effective? The Successful Adaptation Indicators & Metrics (SAIM) project has worked collaboratively with five reserves (Wells NERR, Hudson River NERR, Jacques Cousteau NERR, Tijuana River NERR, and Kachemak Bay NERR) and their stakeholders over the past 4 years to help answer these questions. Specifically, the project has uncovered insights regarding: (1) what climate change adaptation success means in different locations, (2) what relevant actions and processes are needed to move toward aspired goals, and (3) the challenges involved in setting up a manageable approach to track progress toward a common vision. The Science Collaborative team - together with the reserve partners - is now at the point of synthesizing lessons learned and finding ways to share them in the most useful way with the NERR System as a whole. Join the webinar to learn more about the project, some lessons learned, and help us determine what would be most useful deliverables from the project for you.Registration Details

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  • Wednesday, January 10, 2017 - 2:00-2:45pm EST
  • Speakers: Susi Moser, Susanne Moser Research and Consulting

See Project Page: Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics Collaborative Science for Estuaries Webinar SeriesJoin us for monthly webinars featuring project teams supported by the NERRS Science Collaborative. Speakers will share their unique approaches to addressing current coastal and estuarine management issues. Learn about new methods to integrate technical experts and users of project outputs into the research process, and how their research results and products might inform your work. The NERR System is a national network of 29 reserves, coastal sites designated to protect and study estuarine systems. Established through the Coastal Zone Management Act, the reserves are a partnership program between NOAA and the coastal states. The Science Collaborative is a cooperative program hosted by the University of Michigan and funded by NOAA.