Adventure Scientists Scientific Director Position

Opportunity Type: Job

Adventure Scientists is a dynamic 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works with diverse partners including Harvard Medical School, World Resources Institute, National Geographic, and the US Forest Service to equip them with data collected from the outdoors that are crucial to addressing environmental and human health challenges. Our projects have ranged from amassing the largest dataset documenting global microplastic pollution to collecting scat samples to aid in identifying the genetic origins of antibiotic resistance. We now are seeking an esteemed member of the scientific community to join our senior leadership team and oversee active projects. 

Position Overview 
The Scientific Director manages relationships with all scientific partners at Adventure Scientists. This position leads the project team staff and oversees all active projects, ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of research-quality data collection. The Scientific Director also co-develops and implements study designs alongside project partners and other staff members, reports on and publishes our work in scientific journals, oversees data integrity and quality control measures, liaises with the Scientific Advisory Board, and provides counsel on all scientific engagements of the organization. 
As a member of the senior leadership team the Scientific Director contributes to organizational strategy, reports to the Executive Director, and works closely with the other senior leadership team members to implement the organizational vision, foster donor partners, and serve as a role model for our team members. 
Adventure Scientists is looking for a creative, forward-thinking, and adaptive individual with a strong research background. The ideal candidate will have experience managing staff and leading multiple research endeavors. Experience working with volunteers to complete research-quality data collection is greatly preferred as is strong experience in the outdoors. A successful candidate will employ their passion, drive, and scientific expertise to position Adventure Scientists as a leader in data collection across fields.