ASAP Local and Regional Hubs Program: microgrant opportunity

Opportunity Type: Funding

Deadline July 19

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) connects and supports climate change adaptation and climate resilience professionals to advance innovation and excellence in the field. We believe that climate change is a real and serious danger to all sectors and systems; that adaptation and resilience build stronger, more prepared communities, ecosystems, and economies; and that equity and environmental justice should be major considerations in all work that adaptation professionals do. ASAP members are building essential climate resilience for communities, ecosystems, and economies across North America. The ASAP network keeps them connected, sharing, learning, and adapting.

The purpose of the ASAP Hubs Microgrants Program is to support members’ collaborative, place-based climate change adaptation projects and stimulate grassroots involvement in the ASAP network. The ASAP Local & Regional Hubs Program will award three microgrants of up to $3,000 each for work that advances one or more of the following objectives: peer connection, local capacity building, building local knowledge bases, climate change adaptation field definition, and advancing the dialogue on climate change adaptation and climate resilience. 

The ASAP Local & Regional Hubs Program is part of the ASAP Connects Program Area. The ASAP Connects Program Area forms the core of the ASAP Network, providing opportunities for professional education and collaboration through peer learning groups, advisory groups, in-person events, and one-on-one connections. 


Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants must apply as a group of at least six people. At least 4 of those group members should live, work, or have a strong professional or personal connection to the location in which the project takes place.
  • All group members must be ASAP members in good standing (i.e. – have an active, paid ASAP membership.) 
  • Group members need not have been members of ASAP for a specific length of time, and may join ASAP for the purpose of applying for this grant competition. 
  • Current ASAP Members can log onto their Member Portal to check their membership status. New members can join here
  • Microgrant Selection Committee (SC) members and ASAP staff and Board members are not eligible to submit microgrant applications. These individuals may be listed as a group member on an application submitted by someone else.