Assistant Secretary for Tribal Affairs - CA Natural Resources Agency

Opportunity Type: Job

The Assistant Secretary for Tribal Affairs will help cultivate and ensure the participation and inclusion of tribal governments and communities within the work of the California Natural Resources Agency, supporting the effective integration of these governments’ and communities’ interests in environmental policymaking. This position will advance programs, policies, regulations, and new laws to strengthen these working relationships, and will coordinate tribal affairs across the Agency and with external governments and organizations. The position will further support and expand the Agency’s effort to institutionalize tribal consultation practices into its program planning, development, and implementation decisions.

The Assistant Secretary for Tribal Affairs is appointed by the Governor and will report to the Agency’s Deputy Secretary for External Affairs. This position will collaborate closely with the Secretary, Undersecretary, and other Agency executive team members, as well as department directors and members of the Governor’s Office including the Governor’s Tribal Advisor. The Assistant Secretary will lead work that requires a high degree of skill in planning, project management, team leadership, communication, presentation, problem-solving, and program evaluation.