Call for Abstracts: 4th International Symposium on The Effects of Climate Change on The World's Oceans


The 4th International Symposium will bring together experts from around the world to better understand climate impacts on ocean ecosystems – and how to respond. 

The Symposium will:

  • Highlight the latest information on how oceans are changing, what is at risk and how to respond;
  • Identify key knowledge gaps;
  • Promote collaborations; and
  • Stimulate the next generation of science and actions

The Symposium will include:

  • Great sessions, presentations, and posters
  • Opportunities for pre- or post-meeting workshops
  • Special events for early career scientists
  • Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

Key Topic Areas

The Symposium is a great opportunity to share information, highlight activities, build partnerships and shape the future of this important field. 

One objective for this Symposium is to present current research results and to facilitate the uptake of these new results in other analyses, including (but not restricted to) the 6th Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We plan a Special Volume of the ICES Journal of Marine Science and we expect that additional Special Volumes in peer-reviewed journals may emerging from this Symposium. 

Join us in Washington DC in 2018!


Scientific workshops and sessions will include invited and contributed papers. Contributed papers will be selected for oral or poster presentations. 

Guidelines and Steps to Submit an Abstract:

  1. Use this Template (pdfdoc) to prepare your abstract

    An abstract that does not conform to the following guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.
    NOTE: English language only, (.rtf) or (.doc) file, 250 words MAX, 
    NO pictures/tables/graphs
  2. Pre-register (on-line).
  3. Submit an abstract (on-line). 

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Abstract Acceptance Notification:

Submitters should receive notification emails from PICES Secretariat regarding the acceptance of their abstracts (as oral or poster presentations).

Sometimes PICES emails end up in your junk box or get rejected. Please check "Submitted Abstracts" page to see if your paper is accepted and what presentation type your paper is granted.

Session and workshop convenors will do their best to accommodate authors' preferences for oral or poster presentations. However, because the sessions have a limited number of timeslots, some papers submitted with a request for an oral presentation might be offered to be presented as posters. If a paper is on the list of potential substitutes, such paper will be moved back to the Oral Session, if another participant cancels his/her talk.

Session convenors reserve the right to reject submitted abstracts that are poorly written, do not follow the submission guidelines, and/or are outside the scope of the conference. They also have the right to move the abstracts to more suitable sessions.

Confirm your Attendance and Presentation:

When you receive a notification email from PICES Secretariat about your Abstract Acceptance, please confirm your symposium attendance and presentation. To confirm, simply reply to an email, specifying your name and session/workshop number, and let us know if you are planning to attend the symposium and present your paper. If for any reason you have not received an email about your Abstract Acceptance (all deadlines are listed on the right-side menu of this page), please check the "Submitted Abstracts" web page to find information about the status of your paper (Check the "Granted Presentation Type" Column) and Confirm your presentation and attendance at your earliest convenience.


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