Call for Northwest Agricultural Communities & Resilience Practitioners

Post Date: 5/23/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: Model Forest Policy Program
Position/Title/Fund: Northwest Resilient Land Use Training
Deadline: May 29, 2023
Location: Serving communities remotely in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho
Contact Info: Gwen Griffith,

Call for Northwest Agricultural Communities & Resilience Practitioners The Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) is seeking one or two northwest agricultural communities to help design and test a facilitated cohort training program focused on resilience for rural communities in WA, OR, or ID.

The training is focused on addressing extreme weather and increasing safety of farming communities with resilient land use planning and strategies for rural flood mitigation. We are looking for collaborators from two target audiences:

  1. Forest and farming community organizations and decision-makers
  2. Resilience professionals who serve rural communities with planning and project implementation support (e.g., planners, cooperative extension, consultants, emergency managers, floodplain managers, etc.)

This is a one-year project with a 3–4-month engagement with rural community leaders and cohort professionals. We will provide an honorarium for collaborators’ time and expertise as they test-run the facilitated cohort-based training module. Participants will gain knowledge and practical skills in resilient rural land use strategies and contribute to the capacity for agricultural resilience across the northwest region.

Participation is contingent upon grant funding from the Community Grants Program of the Northwest Climate Resilience Collaborative. Your expression of interest in the training program is helpful to the grant proposal process.

For additional details contact project manager Gwen Griffith at Learn more about the self-guided training modules from the early phases of the Resilient Rural America Project at Please share with interested colleagues and friends. Thank you!

How to Apply:

Interested parties are asked to complete the brief Google form below by Monday, May 29, 2023:

You will be contacted by project manager with additional details. Participants will help select and then work through one of two Resilient Rural America Project (RRAP) training modules focused on resilient land use strategies for rural planning and/or rural flood mitigation. The training will be delivered as a facilitated cohort-based training over a 3-4 month period starting in the fall of 2023. Community representatives will learn practical methods to improve resilience for their agricultural community. Professional participants will help to upgrade the modules and learn how to facilitate the training module as a service to future agricultural communities with this important resilience training. Honorariums will be provided to participants according to the available funding provided by the grant with a decision by August 2023.

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