Call for Plans that Consider Health Impacts of Extreme Heat

Posted by: CAKE Team
Post Date: 4/17/2024
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: Global Heat Health Information Network, World Health Organization (WHO), HIGH Horizons Project
Position/Title/Fund: Global Call for Plans that Consider Health Impacts of Extreme Heat
Deadline: April 30, 2024

In an effort to better understand evolving governance around heat and health, the Global Heat Health Information Network, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and HIGH Horizons Project, is calling for submissions of Heat Health Action Plans, National Health Adaptation Plans and related governance documents containing heat health components from around the world.

The collected plans will inform policy analyses of global and thematic coverage and content of existing plans: where they are, who they protect, and how. This initiative will also help the Network update their global inventory of heat health policy efforts.

Heat Action Plans (or heatwave plans) are comprehensive policies and strategies developed by public health authorities and other relevant stakeholders at the city, state/provincial, or federal level to address the health impacts of extreme heat events on populations. These can be standalone plans, or health protections integrated in wider multi-sectoral disaster, climate, or emergency management strategies. Plans typically include recommendations, protocols, and measures to prevent the adverse effects of extreme heat during the heat season and bring actors together to better understand and manage heat risk on longer timescales. Heat Action Plans and protocols for heat prevention can also apply to the workplace, schools, hospitals, sporting and mass gathering events.

All active plans that consider the health impacts of extreme heat can be submitted to this review. Plans can be submitted in any language, and plans that are not publicly available can be submitted for research purposes only. 

The submission deadline for inclusion in the review is April 30, 2024, however the Network always accepts submissions of Heat Health Action Plans for their online library and their global inventory of national and sub-national plans.

They also invite those interested in developing a new Heat Health Action Plan to reach out to [email protected].

How to Apply:

Fill out and submit this online Google form.