Call for Proposals, National Equity-Focused Resilience Program


Institute for Sustainable Communities seeks two new community partners

Montpelier, VT — October 20, 2017 — The Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) announced today that it will to expand its Partnership for Resilient Communities, by taking proposals from potential community-based partners.

ISC is specifically seeking proposals from community-based organizations with strong histories of leading positive transformations in their neighborhoods to join the Partnership for Resilient Communities.

The partnership is centered on the belief that community organizations play a powerful leadership role in ensuring local resilience solutions respond to resident needs, are rooted in equity and justice, and resonate with a community’s vision for an equitable future. The partnership seeks proposals to implement green infrastructure or clean energy projects with and within historically underserved neighborhoods.

Selected organizations will receive customized technical assistance, ongoing opportunities to learn from partnership peers and national experts, as well as up to $150,000 in funding to shape and lead resilience projects born from the voices and priorities of the communities they serve. ISC’s hands-on approach enables organizations to design, develop, and implement on-the-ground projects that bring meaningful social, environmental, and economic transformations to a community and its residents.

The Partnership for Resilient Communities serves to elevate partners as national models for how local leadership and genuine community engagement can transform approaches to equitable resilience-building in communities across the country.

The two selected partners will expand this national equity-focused program to six community-based organizations. The partnership connects communities facing similar challenges to collaborate as they develop community-driven resilience projects in underserved neighborhoods.

“The breakthroughs coming out of our four current partners have exceeded our expectations and demonstrate that this approach creates meaningful action and impact,” said ISC Senior Program Officer Tessa Kaneene. “We’re excited to see the proposals that will come out of this process, and to work with cities in an in-depth way.”

Organizations based in, and committed to serving, low-income communities within 30 target cities are eligible to submit a proposal by December 1, 2017. Additional details are available in the Request for Proposals. Frequently asked questions about this opportunity can be found here. Please submit additional questions on the Partnership for Resilient Communities Request for Proposals to Tessa Kaneene by November 15. This FAQ will be updated with other questions we receive on the RFP.

Organizations based in, and committed to serving, low-income communities within the following target cities are eligible to apply:

Anchorage, Alaska
Atlanta, Georgia
Birmingham, Alabama
Buffalo, New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Des Moines, Iowa
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Worth, Texas
Fresno, California
Greensboro, North Carolina
Houston, Texas
Jacksonville, Florida
Knoxville, Tennessee
Lexington, Kentucky
Memphis, Tennessee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New Orleans, Louisiana
Newark, New Jersey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Omaha, Nebraska
Salt Lake City, Utah
San Antonio, Texas
San Bernardino, California
San Diego, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Tacoma, Washington
Toledo, Ohio
Wichita, Kansas