CARE Climate Resilience Academy - Learning Journeys now OPEN

Opportunity Type: Other

CARE is proud to announce that for the second year running, our Climate Change and Resilience Platform will be running Learning Journeys on Climate Change AdaptationClimate Advocacy and Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA). 

Whether you work for CARE, or one of our partners or another organization that works on climate change and resilience, Learning Journeys from CARE’s Climate and Resilience Academy build on participants’ knowledge and understanding of climate change, while providing tools and skills that enable graduates to better tackle its causes and consequences.

Learning Journeys offer a mix of peer-to-peer exchanges and e-learning modules led by experts, with optional individual coaching available for those who want to deepen their understanding and experience. Learning resources are directly based on CARE’s 17 years of experience in resilience, community-based adaptation and climate advocacy. 

Enrolment for three new Learning Journeys is open, with courses starting throughout 2021.