CJA Senior Campaign Coordinator

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is seeking a full-time Senior Campaign Coordinator to support the alignment of local organizing from Our Power Communities with CJA’s Just Transition framework and 4 year strategy. This is a full-time, one-year employment with the possibility of extension. Location is flexible. Seeking to fill as soon as possible and no later than July 1st, 2017.

CJA’s mission is to forge a socially and economically just transition away from an extractive economy and towards healthy, resilient local communities, to address the root causes of climate change. In 2012, CJA developed the Our Power Campaign engaging 40 member organizations to create a vision that supports local and national campaign goals rooted in front line, community-based struggles, including those of Indigenous peoples, people of color, new immigrants and working class people. CJA seeks to catalyze a broad-based, scalable campaign for transition away from industries that undermine the well-being of human communities and environmental systems – like dirty energy , industrial-scale manufacturing and agribusiness – and transform local economies into models of sustainability, equity, and resilience. We supports local organizing through peer-exchanges trainings, direct action, and coalition work to advance policies to end the fossil fuel industry harm, promote climate-protecting jobs and lead to a regenerative economy where all people thrive in harmony with Mother Earth.

Job Description - Senior Campaign Coordinator

The CJA Just Transition Senior Campaign Coordinator is responsible for coordinating Our Power communities, partners, and allies to build out 50 visionary Our Power communities over 4 years in a way that 1. Supports existing community leadership, 2. Builds foundational material to unite a JT practice, 3.expands and popularizes tools for communities across the Nation to make Just Transition real on the ground 4.maintains CJA sphere of influence in Just Transition. This is not a local organizing position and requires someone with the vision to bring ideas, action, and people together to put forth viable frontline solutions at a time when communities are facing multiple threats and engaged in resistance. This is an exciting opportunity for a systems thinker, woke to the decolonization of communities, and yet practical enough to articulate with confidence the path between fighting the bad and building the new regenerative economy.

They are responsible for carrying out the Our Power Communities Strategy and Implementation plan as described below.Working with the Executive Director, they will be responsible for orienting, and coordinating the work of Just Transition Organizers as CJA expands its regional models and work together to create the visionary opposition needed in this political moment to “build the new.” They report to the Executive Director and work in consultation with other CJA staff, work groups, communications, policy, research, funder engagement personnel and regional anchor organizations across the nation.