Climate Action Specialist (Open and Promotional)

Opportunity Type: Job

San Mateo, CA

The County of San Mateo's Office of Sustainability seeks well qualified applicants for the position of Climate Action Specialist. We are seeking one full-time Climate Action Specialist for the Climate Change and Adaptation Program who can empower our employees and our community members to embrace sustainability more fully, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and use natural resources more efficiently. We are focused on building a diverse and inclusive work place.

The Climate Change and Adaptation Program aims to address climate change through adaptation and mitigation efforts, and works in partnership with County departments, cities, community groups, businesses and others. The program incorporates a focus on race and social justice into programs and projects. As part of our team, the Climate Action Specialist is responsible for coordination and implementation of the County's Government Operations Climate Action Plan, which includes spearheading and coordinating projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at County facilities. This position is also responsible for efforts to ensure County facilities are prepared for climate change impacts and will lead the County's Sustainable Purchasing Initiative and other climate change initiatives. The Climate Action Specialist will effectively engage community members in sustainability efforts and initiatives, build partnerships and collaborate with County and city officials, government staff, and community stakeholders to achieve measurable progress toward the County's climate and sustainability goals. The candidate will ensure programs and projects are equitable and accessible to all community members.

The San Mateo County Office of Sustainability (OOS) has four working groups: Waste Reduction, Energy and Water, Livable Communities, and Climate Change. To learn more about each of the OOS workgroups, please visit: