Climate Change Action Program Manager

Opportunity Type: Job


The Program Manager for the Preston-Werner Ventures (PWV) Climate Change Action portfolio should have a global perspective on the main focus areas: Energy, Future of Food, and Conservation, and should be keen to work with other Program Managers to forge common strategies, especially around population, health, livelihoods, and other markers of human welfare. You are interested in exploring leverage points in which PWV funding can make an impact (for example, litigation, electing and moving mission-aligned politicians, or angel investing in emerging economies), and in understanding how those will vary in high-income countries versus low- and middle-income countries. The successful applicant will demonstrate a holistic understanding of the causes and effects of climate change, grasping it as both an ecological problem in climate science and as a structural problem of the economy rather than individual choice.

Job requirements

  • Research best practices in the Climate Change Action focus areas and recommend new focus areas, if applicable
  • Contribute to the PWV Climate Change Action funding strategy
  • Recommend non-profit and for-profit climate investments to PWV leadership
  • Design and manage the Climate Change Action grant making process
  • Be the PWV Climate Change Action point-of-contact for prospective and current grantees, partners, and other stakeholders
  • And stay up-to-date on latest trends, evidence, and players in the Climate Change Action focus areas and the field more broadly

Background or work experience in science and in climate policy or activism required.