Climate Change Coordinator – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Opportunity Type: Job

Become a cross-agency resource - lead Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's (WDFW) direction related to climate change, climate resiliency, and climate planning.  Represent WDFW in state, regional, and national forums for climate change and conservation collaboration.  Support WDFW’s mission to conserve and protect native fish, wildlife, and the habitats on which they depend.  Facilitate the development and implementation of a coordinated response to the future impacts of climate change.  With that in mind, you will facilitate the development of management plans and guide actions within the agency to build agency resilience to climate impacts.   With your understanding and experience, you will review state and federal legislation, prepare for legislative hearings, and draft testimony related to climate change and its impact on agency operations.  In this complex role, you will provide policy oversight for the agency on issues associated with climate change and the effects on conservation of fish and wildlife and ecosystems.  You thrive on building collaboration and teamwork, and will partner with federal, state, local and non-governmental entities to address issues associated with climate change to effect enhanced conservation of fish and wildlife ecosystems.

Position Overview

Our Climate Change Coordinator,  

  • Serves as the climate change advisor to the Director, Deputy Director, Policy Directors, Executive Team and agency Chief Scientists and natural resource planners.  
  • Provides updates on specific opportunities and needs for climate adaptation within the agency.   
  • Proposes programmatic changes as needed.  
  • Facilitates the cross-program Climate Action Team within WDFW and leads implementation of workplan. 
  • Represents WDFW on regional and national forums addressing climate change. 
  • Actively seeks and develops opportunities for new partnerships to advance climate adaptation initiatives for the agency. 
  • Develops training and outreach for WDFW employees on climate change impacts, ecological consequences, and adaptation response strategies. 
  • Supports the Director of Conservation and agency strategic planning to ensure effective integration of climate adaptation and resiliency. 
  • Assists agency staff and Policy Directors in assessing legislation and preparing for legislative hearings and testimony related to climate change.  
  • Supervises the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator and helps guide their work on greenhouse gas reduction and carbon sequestration. 

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or a higher-level degree with major emphasis in fish and/or wildlife biology, conservation biology, ecology, environmental science, environmental policy, or a related field; AND 
  • Five (5) years of experience developing and/or implementing policy or strategic initiatives in a large organization; AND
  • Knowledge and experience with issues related to climate change impacts or working in the field of climate change in a technical capacity.

Compensation & Benefits

This is a full-time permanent position located in Thurston County – Olympia, WA with an annual salary range from $62,328.00 - $104,429.00.

How to Apply

Please see the link below for the full job description, requirements and to apply.