Climate Information Needs Assessment - Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA)

Opportunity Type: Other

What the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA)?

The Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA) is 1 of 11 NOAA-supported teams working to innovate and enhance support for climate resilience. We are centered at the University of South Carolina and collaborate with partners across the Carolinas. Working at the intersection of climate with water, coasts, and health, the CISA team creates, tailors, and provides climate information to improve planning and management approaches that build healthier, safer communities in the Carolinas. For more information, please see our website.
Why are we reaching out?

We would appreciate your insights into what would be most useful for your organization's efforts towards climate resilience. We will use this information to guide our program partnerships, investments, and next phase planning. We are also happy to share a summary of the results so that you may use them as well.


The survey will take less than 10 minutes.  You can answer it anonymously or share your contact information with us to follow up or receive a survey summary. 


If you have any questions about this survey, please contact:

Kirstin Dow, Professor

University of South Carolina, Department of Geography 

Lead Investigator, CISA