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Climate Justice Program Manager

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Amnesty International - Washington, DC

The failure of governments to act on the climate crisis in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence may well be the biggest inter-generational human rights violation in history. The crisis disproportionately impacts people already vulnerable, disadvantaged and subject to discrimination—those who are also least responsible for the crisis. At the same time, those most responsible for the climate crisis-including heads of government, fossil fuel companies, banks, insurance companies and asset managers—are profiting from the destruction and hindering efforts to stop it.

The Climate Justice Program Manager at AIUSA will develop, manage and direct the organization’s work to help stop the climate crisis, with a focus on convincing decision makers in the US government (federal, state, local) and US corporate sector to phase out fossil fuels well before 2050 and ensure a just, human rights based transition to green energy that leaves no one behind. This position is a unique opportunity to help create a new human rights program at Amnesty USA, one that recognizes the leadership of, and collaborates with, Indigenous Peoples, communities of color, youth, women, people living in poverty, persons with disabilities, environmental Human Rights Defenders, workers, environmental organizations, and other impacted people who are already leading the call for climate justice.

The Program Manager will work with a wide range of such leaders and stakeholders to decide on goals and annual objectives for the Program as well as to develop and implement strategies to achieve them. The program could, for example, include work focusing on: US banks and/or insurance companies that support fossil fuels projects; city governments; state and federal legislation; and/or efforts to defend the human right of Indigenous Peoples to peacefully protest against fossil fuel projects.

The position will collaborate with stakeholders on selecting and implementing a range of tactics, including grassroots activism, human rights education in schools, advocacy, communications, coalition building, training and public education. The position will also carry out regular monitoring, evaluation and learning related to the program. The work of the Project Manager will also help support AIUSA’s organizational goals, including with respect to increasing grassroots engagement, improving Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA), supporting innovation and collaborating with colleagues on fundraising. Please note that this position does not currently manage other staff.

The successful candidate should have extensive professional expertise in the causes of and solutions to the climate crisis from a human rights perspective; demonstrated success in collaborating with stakeholders to design and implement strategies that have made a difference in the world; a strong track record of collaborating with a diverse set of stakeholders; and experience and expertise in leveraging a range of tactics to make change, including grassroots activism, public education, education in schools, coalition building, lobbying and corporate advocacy.