Climate Program Manager - The Nature Conservancy

Opportunity Type: Job

Program leadership for Idaho Climate Action Initiative (35%)

The Climate Program Manager oversees, coordinates and implements a comprehensive program to accelerate progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Idaho using a diversity of communications tools and partnerships with federal, state, and local government, corporate business sector, community organizations, NGOs, funders and other partners as appropriate. S/he provides strategic vision, leadership, and management for the Idaho Chapter’s efforts to broaden support for climate action, including coordination of a climate team of Idaho staff. S/he provides support and guidance to staff and projects around the state and may support Conservancy initiatives beyond Idaho. S/he is responsible for setting goals, identifying metrics, and tracking progress towards our climate initiative in our 5-year strategic plan. The Climate Program Manager will also be responsible for communicating the collective vision and impact of our climate adaptation and mitigation efforts that span across functional areas and geographies. S/he participates in fundraising activities to increase financial support for the TNC climate program.

Implement strategies for Idaho Climate Action Initiative (40%)

The Climate Program Manager will advance Idaho Chapter’s climate goals through collaboration, effective communication, and by building strategic partnerships designed to broaden support in Idaho for action to further our strategies on climate. S/he is expected to build external influencing networks and strategic partnerships that support and advance climate policy in Idaho. S/he will work closely with TNC staff, outside consultants, collaborators, and the corporate community to identify opportunities and develop strategies and alliances to build the enabling conditions that will eventually lead to meaningful greenhouse gas emission reductions. S/he will provide support and expertise for incorporating and implementing natural climate solutions in Idaho.

Provide policy communications support for Conserve Land and Water & Healthy Soils, Clean Water Initiatives (25%)

The Climate Program Manager will develop and implement communications strategies to reach identified audiences in support of advancing TNC’s conservation initiatives. S/he will provide research and policy analysis and track policies and decisions that directly affect TNC’s climate, land and water, and agriculture goals. S/he will build, develop, and track strategic relationships, including with community leaders, businesses, elected officials, board members, and citizens’ groups, to advance conservation priorities in Idaho. S/he will engage Conservancy members and partners through talking points, action alerts, and strategic events, tours, and media opportunities. The Climate Program Manager will enhance TNC’s voice as a leader and innovator using engaging messaging that inspires Idahoans to support conservation. S/he will work with all chapter departments to build understanding and momentum across platforms and audiences utilizing stories that highlight the impact of our programs.



  • Report to the Deputy State Director, serve as a member of the Idaho Chapter’s Conservation Leadership Group with strategic and partnership responsibilities.
  • Develop and execute strategies to broaden support in Idaho for action on TNC’s climate priorities.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with relevant agencies, conservation organizations, and/or industry.
  • Strengthen TNC’s role as an effective, credible, bipartisan partner on climate solutions.
  • Influence the outcome of policy and/or corporate initiatives at the local, statewide, and regional levels.
  • Align Chapter strategies with those of TNC’s North American Region, Worldwide Office, and other chapters with parallel approaches.
  • Share information and coordinate strategies with TNC in other states, regional, and Worldwide Office programs.
  • Conduct research and represent TNC to a variety of constituencies and stakeholders (public, private, government, non-government agencies, academia); and engage these groups in developing and implementing strategies that advance climate policies.
  • May manage projects and teams involving research and analysis on a broad range of topics related to climate policy, such as public opinion surveys and economic analysis.
  • Provide research and policy analysis in support of legislative, corporate and/or policy priorities.
  • Track climate policy developments and science relevant to Chapter strategies and opportunities for expanding climate work.
  • Coordinate with other Program Managers on climate-related strategies and tactics and communicate the collective impact of our climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  • Provide policy communications support to our three conservation initiatives via project teams: Idaho climate action; conserve land and water; and healthy soils, clean water.
  • Prepare program materials including presentations, memos, and other communications.
  • Develop, manage, and deliver public or private climate educational programs, briefings, and events.
  • Organize legislator and congressional tours with TNC staff, trustees, community partners, and donors to advance conservation priorities.
  • Organize receptions and events, with focus on legislators, congressional members, and community leaders.
  • Assist with program budget development and meeting fundraising goals.
  • Ensure program compliance with internal policies and external requirements.
  • May supervise volunteers, interns, or temporary staff.