Climate Researcher or Consultant - Giving Green

Opportunity Type: Job

Organization: Giving Green, an initiative of IDInsight

Position: Climate Researcher or Consultant. Full- and part-time applicants welcome at any level of seniority; we will work with you to determine salary, start date, and responsibilities based on your experience.

Location: Remote, global

Apply: Rolling applications accepted on IDinsight's career portal


IDinsight is hiring a Giving Green Researcher. Giving Green (GG) is a semi-autonomous team within IDinsight that researches, evaluates, and supports organizations working to tackle the climate crisis. The Researcher will be a key voice on our team. You will direct research work streams, refine previous research outputs, contribute to global debates on climate, and co-develop organizational strategy. You will work closely with IDinsight’s Chief Economist and other members of the Giving Green team.

About Giving Green

Giving Green’s mission is to direct dollars and volunteers towards evidence-based projects that combat the climate crisis.

The climate crisis is vast and complex. For non-experts looking to make an impact with their own money or time, it is often difficult to know where to look. This results in many giving ineffectively and, we think, many more not giving at all. We research and publicize the best donation and investment opportunities in climate—that is, organizations doing impactful work with a strong need for additional funding—to empower everyone to give with confidence and move money towards high-impact solutions. Currently, we focus on US and Australian policy change, the carbon offset market for net-zero businesses, and sustainable investing.

We operate as a semi-autonomous team within IDinsight, a global development advisory firm. Launched just two years ago, Giving Green has moved hundreds of thousands of dollars and landed press mentions in Vox, the Atlantic, Time, and more. Giving Green is an Effective Altruist-aligned organization with big ambitions. We want to make a major difference in the fight against climate change, and the Researcher will play a crucial role in advancing our mission.

About the role

Your experience day-to-day will be like that of working at a small startup, but you’ll have the infrastructure and support of a more established organization. You will lead multiple research work streams and contribute to several others. As Giving Green is a small organization, all members may be asked to support other work, such as fundraising and communications.

Responsibilities: Depending on your level of experience and area of expertise, responsibilities of the role may include...

  • Conduct literature reviews to identify effective interventions in climate policy and technology
  • Conduct quantitative analyses of the impact of policies and organizations on the climate
  • Write detailed research reports, as well as short-form content for a general audience
  • Develop guidelines for Giving Green’s research to ensure rigorous evaluation and continual improvement
  • Build and maintain relationships with communities in climate, philanthropy, effective altruism
  • Represent our research to journalists and the public
  • Serve as our in-house expert for climate policy or technology issues


We are considering candidates of different levels of experience and seniority. We can craft different titles and work programs for hires of different experience levels. Please indicate in your application whether you are interested in a part- or full-time role. 

We also encourage both climate generalists and specialists in a given climate issue area to apply, and we will work with you to develop appropriate job responsibilities. If you have expertise in any of the issues we name below, please indicate this in your application.

To view the full job description and apply, visit IDinsight's career portal by clicking the button below.