Communications Coordinator - Grassroots Global Justice

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Location: Flexible

Accepting Applications through April 24, 2018 until filled

Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) is a national alliance of over 60 US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people and communities of color. We understand that there are important connections between the local issues we work on and the global context, and we see ourselves as part of an international movement for global justice. GGJ focuses on bringing GRO organizations into a long-term process of relationship building, political alignment and the development of transformational leadership, particularly for working and poor women and gender-oppressed people of color. We weave and bridge together US-based GRO groups and global social movements working for climate justice, gender justice, an end to war, and a just transition to a new economy that is better for people and the planet. For more about GGJ, visit our website: It

Takes Roots (ITR) to Grow the Resistance is an initiative of Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), and Right to the City Alliance (RTC), and with capacity support from The Ruckus Society and Center for Story-based Strategy. In the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential elections, #ItTakesRoots to Grow the Resistance spearheaded a response from the grassroots organizing sector that is confronting the attacks on poor communities, Indigenous Peoples and communities of color that has been fomented by this administration. It Takes Roots is a multiracial effort led by women & gender oppressed people of color and Indigenous peoples on the frontlines of racial, housing and climate justice across the country. Learn more at

Key Duties Summary: This position will be housed in GGJ with 50% of time supporting GGJ communications and 50% of time supporting It Takes Roots communications. This position will guide Narrative Strategy, coordinate ITR communications and media teams, support member groups playing communications roles in programs, and coordinate with communications contractors for both GGJ and ITR. This position will be part of a growing It Takes Roots staff team, and will report to the It Takes Roots Coordinator and the GGJ Deputy Director.