Community Advocate, GreenLatinos

Post Date: 2/07/2023
Opportunity Type: Job
Organization/Grantor: GreenLatinos
Position/Title/Fund: Texas Community Advocate - Full time
Deadline: February 10, 2023
Location: Texas

GreenLatinos is hiring a full-time Texas Community Advocate. This full-time position is based in Texas and will work to secure our presence for a state-wide program to fight for environmental freedom, climate justice, and cleaner air and water for our comunidades. Applicants must submit all information by February 10, 2023 and GreenLatinos will be reaching out to applicants as they come in on a rolling basis.

The GreenLatinos’ Texas Community Advocate will launch GreenLatinos Texas State Program with support from GreenLatinos staff. The scope of this work falls within our Strategic Plan goals as applied to the State of Texas. The GreenLatinos Texas Community Advocate will convene our members from across sectors of the movement to build relationships, partnerships, and collaborations that help to break down historical barriers between sectors and more efficiently share the unique resources (financial, information, access) that each of us have. We will also support the significant work already being done in our communities by our current and future members, by identifying, developing, and directing resources to help them grow their programs and make them more sustainable. As the community grows, we will be in a better position to successfully advocate together for Just and inclusive policy making, actions, and solutions that address the historic barriers communities experience in their efforts to advocate for their needs and priorities and achieve their environmental liberation.

How to Apply:

Required Application Documents to be emailed to with the subject line: Texas Community Advocate:

  • Resume/Bio
  • Cover Letter