Consultant - World Resources Institute

Opportunity Type: Job

WRI intends to award a fixed price type contract to a locally based consultant/partner in Kigali, Rwanda for developing a urban water resilience action plan with the city of Kigali in close partnership with WRI's Africa team. In this consultancy, you will be the primary liaison between the city/regional stakeholders and WRI's Cities/Water Programs. You should have a good understanding of the urban water resilience needs of the city, as well as the local political and policy contexts to lead the development and implementation of the City Water Resilience Approach (CWRA) in close coordination with the WRI's project lead and partners.

As the Research Consultant, you will work closely with WRI's project lead and project partners to structure & conduct desk research as well as coordinate integration of spatial/data analysis with WRIs data team. In addition to desk research, the analysis will be informed by key informant and expert interviews with stakeholders managing the city’s water system and experts with knowledge of the city’s key water challenges. Upon completion of the analysis report (i.e. the City Characterization report), you will lead the design and implementation of a structured multi-stakeholder planning process using the CWRA framework and problem framing tools to ideate and identify water resilience action the city wants to prioritize. You will be responsible for synthesizing the research and inputs from both the desk research and the stakeholder workshops to develop the urban water resilience action plan for the city of Kigali. In addition, you will support WRI's project lead and TRC director in developing agreements & securing political commitments; organizing activities such as conferences and workshops; scoping technical assistance and researching best practices to share across the Africa water resilience network. You will develop relationships and work closely with senior city and other relevant officials and stakeholders as well as regional experts in order to accomplish the scope identified below.

Program Overview

The World Resources Institute (WRI) is undertaking a three-year program (2020-2022) to help advance urban water resilience in Africa. The overall objective of this work is to help cities address their water risks and vulnerabilities through research, technical assistance, knowledge sharing, and partnerships for collective action. To this end, WRI and partners will work with city stakeholders to map key water, climate and development risks facing the city; develop research to identify pathways for change (i.e. policy, planning, governance interventions); set targets and owners for action; and catalyze implementation of priority actions through various capacity building initiatives including providing technical assistance, supporting knowledge exchange; and soliciting commitments from regional and national stakeholders to create an enabling environment. To achieve the goals of this project WRI has proposed a 3-part action plan. These three phases of work are:

  1. Research on Challenges and Pathways
  2. Partnerships for Urban Water Resilience Actions
  3. Create an enabling environment for urban water resilience through collective action

The scope described in this RFP relates to the second phase of the initiative which involves working closely with the city of Kigali and in the future in a second city in Rwanda to develop urban water resilience action plans.  

Scope of Work and Deliverables/Outputs

The urban water resilience action plan for Kigali will be developed using the CWRA methodology and incorporate other spatial analysis frameworks developed by WRIs data team, to allow city-regions to identify, quantify and assess local water risks. The approach will support taking a comprehensive systems perspective to urban water management to inform an integrated One Water approach that supports the health and wellbeing of the community and protects the natural water cycle. The City Liaison and Urban Water Research Consultant/Partner will be trained in the CWRA approach in order to lead its application in Kigali, with support of WRI and partners.

The core outputs of this work will include completing the following four deliverables:

  1. Prepare the city characterization report
  2. Develop and implement a multi-stakeholder assessment and visioning workshop
  3. Prepare a city water resilience profile and action plan
  4. Develop and implement technical assistance plans for 2-priority actions