Early Application for the Climate Action Schools Program - Take Action Global (TAG)

Post Date: 1/02/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: Take Action Global (TAG)
Position/Title/Fund: Climate Action Schools Program
Contact Info: contact@takeactionglobal.org

The Climate Action Schools Program brings together 200 schools from around the world in a yearlong global experience for the 2023-2024 school year. From now until April 2023, we are opening Early Access into the program for global schools.

The Climate Action Schools Program is a paid, year-long project allowing schools, districts, and networks with students ages 5-18 to collaborate at local and global levels on environmental topics. Over the course of the project, classrooms explore the causes and effects of climate change, develop solutions, and take action as a school community.

  • 10 month, school-wide climate education learning experience
  • Grade Levels: K-12
  • Certifications: Certified Climate Action Educator, Certified School Climate Coordinator, Certified Climate Action School
  • Community of Practice for Educators and School Coordinators
  • Guided schoolwide data collection and data visualization (carbon), school-to-school international virtual exchanges, school assembly and home/community communications, schoolwide climate project, tree planting experience
  • Monthly communications from supporting school for parents and community