En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Training [Free, Volunteer]

Opportunity Type: Other

Become a leader who can cultivate meaningful conversations about climate change solutions. On July 1, 2021 the Climate Interactive team is releasing the newly-improved Mastering En-ROADS Training Series. This program will teach critical lessons on global climate solutions and system dynamics using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator – an interactive online climate model co-developed with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. In addition, the course will explore how to use En-ROADS to facilitate engaging group experiences which spark effective action on climate change in an equitable and sustainable way. 

To sign up and learn more visit: https://learn.climateinteractive.org

The Mastering En-ROADS program runs for 8-weeks online, is free of charge, and open to people of any background or discipline. Whether you’re a leader in sustainable business practices, a motivated high school student, or a citizen activist trying to make positive change in your community – this program offers something for you. This course will use the En-ROADS simulator to explore dynamics of cross-sector climate solutions, energy systems, climate impacts, equity considerations, and so much more.  Along the way, participants will learn how to lead events like the En-ROADS Climate Workshop and Climate Action Simulation game, while having opportunities to learn from others in an international cohort of participants. Together, this curriculum will prepare you to bring En-ROADS insights to your community, inspire others, and drive meaningful change on climate. 

Climate Interactive’s goal is to inspire hundreds – and eventually thousands – of climate leaders worldwide to run events using the En-ROADS simulator. After completing the course, individuals will have the opportunity to join Climate Interactive’s community of En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors – an international network of climate leaders who lead En-ROADS events.