Executive Director For Environmental Justice, CA Air Resources Board

Opportunity Type: Job

Under the direction of the Executive Officer (EO), the Executive Director for Environmental Justice (EDEJ) will serve as part of the executive team and act as the primary contact for CARB on EJ, tribal, and California – Mexico border (CA-MX border) issues and concerns. The EDEJ will be responsible for providing policy consultation, recommendations and advice on EJ issues. The EDEJ will develop and implement a program to ensure EJ concepts, values and objectives are understood and considered throughout the development and implementation of the CARB's statewide and community-focused policies and programs, CA-MX border and tribal efforts. Leading a staff of 7 employees, the EDEJ will build an inter-divisional network of staff working on EJ-related issues and programs and will meet regularly with CARB staff to expand and enhance the EJ efforts board-wide. The EDEJ will develop and maintain relationships with EJ stakeholders, and enhance communication between external EJ stakeholders and CARB program staff.