Find Expertise and Partners for Environmental Justice Projects

Posted by: CAKE Team
Post Date: 7/10/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: EPA’s Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers
Position/Title/Fund: Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking (EJ TCGM) Program

This month, EPA’s Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers will be launched. They will provide technical assistance and grant writing support to community-based nonprofit organizations, tribes and local governments so that they’re ready for the $550 million EPA Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grant Making Program. 

The new Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking (EJ TCGM) Program is a competition to select multiple Grantmakers around the nation to reduce barriers to the federal grants application process communities face and increase the efficiency of the awards process for environmental justice grants. Grantmakers will design competitive application and submission processes, award environmental justice subgrants, implement a tracking and reporting system, provide resources and support to communities, all in collaboration with EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights.

If you represent a CBO, tribe or local government, make sure that you have signed up to receive this help! Organizations will be able to apply sometime in early 2024.

The compiled submissions, assembled in a publicly available Excel sheet, will also help you identify like-minded organizations in your region to partner with for funding opportunities.