Opportunity Type

he Forest Climate Policy Coordinator will be responsible for leading a new Oregon Wild campaign focused on conserving forests as a key component of federal and state efforts to combat climate change. Building off of Oregon Wild’s 45-year history of forest advocacy, the person leading this campaign will identify key policy opportunities at the state and federal levels, develop strategies to pursue them, and mobilize Oregon Wild’s supporters, partners, and the general public to achieve success. The person in this position will take a leadership role in developing a campaign plan; building and expanding coalitions; and cultivating relationships with key elected officials, scientists, and land managers. The person in this position will also play a significant role in identifying funding opportunities in order to expand the campaign over time.

Forests in the Pacific Northwest have some of the highest potential for carbon storage found anywhere in the world, yet state and federal climate action plans have largely ignored this opportunity. Worse, land managers continue logging practices that are inherently at odds with carbon storage and climate resilience, and decision makers are often bombarded with misinformation regarding carbon sequestration, logging, forest fires, and emissions. While climate advocacy in Oregon and the United States as a whole has often highlighted logging in developing countries as a major driver of climate change, little has been done to acknowledge or address the problems in our own forests.

The overarching goal of Oregon Wild’s Forest Climate Campaign is to change this dynamic, and ensure that forest conservation is a central component of state and federal efforts to combat climate change. The Forest Climate Policy Coordinator will play a central role in developing a four-year campaign plan, serve as Oregon Wild’s lead voice on policy issues related to climate, lobby federal and state officials, work with community stakeholders across Oregon, and represent the organization in coalitions with other groups. It is anticipated that the person in this position will take a leadership role in an emerging national coalition of organizations pursuing similar goals.