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Free Workshop Opportunity: Scaling Green Infrastructure Investment

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Earth Economics is offering an exciting new training opportunity for municipalities and local agencies across the US who are ready to take their green infrastructure efforts to the next level. These free, interactive training workshops are designed to grow the capacity of municipal and local leaders to effectively scale investment and adoption of green infrastructure assets in their communities, through hands-on exercises and facilitated sessions. These one-day events will bring together urban leaders and their private and community partners to work through barriers, identify actionable steps, and ultimately advance a collective vision of adopting GI solutions at a scale necessary to simultaneously attract investment, meet critical service delivery targets, and create livable, resilient, communities. The labs build on The Blueprint for Increased Investment in Green Infrastructure, a new web-based guide designed to support cities across the country to identify actionable steps toward growing their urban portfolios in GI assets to scale. The Blueprint is based on ten months of extensive research, including practitioner interviews, literature review, process mapping, and econometric modeling. To access the Blueprint and apply to participate in an urban GI lab, visit this link: Applications are due March 31, 2019.